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Volume 42, Number 4

Spring 2017

Efficiency Evaluations of U.S. Public Higher Education and Effects of State Funding and Pell Grants: Panel Data Estimates Using Two State Data Envelopment Analysis, 2004-2013 Academic Years

G. Thomas Sav

A Constrained Bureaucratic Model of Behavioral Responses to School Finance Reform

Laura D. Ullrich and Matthew N. Murray

Open Enrollment, Competition, and Student Performance

Michael Babington and David M. Welsch

Examining Inequities in Teacher Pension Benefits

James V. Shuls

Budgeting for the Future: The Long-Term Impacts of Short-Term Thinking in Alabama K-12 Education Funding

Chris Neher, David Patterson, John W. Duffield, and Amy Harvey


Volume 42, Number 3

Winter 2017

State of the States

Making Sense of Fiscal Uncertainty: An Overview of the 2016 State of the States

Brittany Larkin and Spencer C. Weiler

Alabama­­­–Philip Westbrook and Brenda

Alaska–Randall S. Vesely

Arizona–Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos and David Martinez

Arkansas–Steve Bounds

California–Henry Tran

Colorado–Gabriel R. Serna, Kelly H.
Summers, and Spencer C. Weiler

Connecticut—Lesley DeNardis

Florida–Jolande Morgan, Megan Lane,
and R. Craig Wood

Georgia–Brittany Larkin

Illinois–Christine Kiracofe

Kansas– Thomas A. De Luca

Kentucky–Tyrone Bynoe

Louisiana–Venice M. Adams and
David G. Buckman

Massachusetts–Tyrone Bynoe

Michigan–Brett Geier and Dennis McCrumb

Minnesota–Nicola A. Alexander

Mississippi–Spencer D. Stone and Michael Robinson

Montana–Lou L. Sabina

Nebraska–Barbara LaCost

Nevada–Deborah A. Verstegen

New Mexico–David G. Martinez and
Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos

New York–Osnat Zaken

North Carolina–Lisa G. Driscoll, Jim R.
Watson, and Walter Hart

Ohio–Barbara M. De Luca and Krystal Chenault

Oklahoma–Jeffrey Maiden and Stephen
C. Ballard

Pennsylvania–Andrew L. Armagost and
Tim Shrom

Tennessee–Betty Cox and Lisa G.

Texas–Ken Helvey

Virginia–William Owings and Leslie S. Kaplan

West Virginia–Michele Eller

Wyoming–Joshua M. Cohe


State Finance Policies for English Language Learners: New Findings from a 50-State Survey

Deborah A. Verstegen


Volume 42, Number 2

Fall 2016

Which Districts Get Into Financial Trouble and Why: Michigan’s Story

David Arsen, Thomas DeLuca, Yongmei Ni, and Michael Bates

The Best Laid Plans: Pay for Performance Incentive Programs for School Leaders

Peter Goff, Ellen Goldring, and Melissa Canney

Grading the Metrics: Performance-Based Funding in the Florida State University System

Luke M. Cornelius and Terence W. Cavanaugh

Financial Crisis Management in Higher Education: How Private Colleges and Universities Responded to the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis (The Great Recession)

Andrew R. Dorantes and Justin R. Low

The Prediction of States’ PK-12 Funding Effort and Distribution Based on Their Ideological Makeups

Joel R. Malin


Volume 42, Number 1

Summer 2016

Beyond the Echo-Chamber: State Investments and Student Outcomes in US. Elementary and Secondary Education

Bruce Baker and Mark Weber

Opting Out of the Bill: Voluntary Adequacy Funding in Maryland

Maida A. Finch, Peter Goff, and Erick Houck

Interactions between Federal Academic Earmarks and State Funding for Higher Education: An Instrumental Variables Approach

Jennifer Delaney

The Relationship Between Florida’s Traditional Schools, Education Management Organizational Charters and Hometown Charters Fiscal Revenues and Instructional Expenditures on Student Achievement

Brittany Larkin


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