Suggested Research Topics

Below are topics of particular interest. The listing is not intended to be exhaustive and is not conceived as placing constraints on the substance or type of research that may be presented at the Symposium.

Public financing of education

Government financing of universities

Financing global public goods

Cost and pricing of higher education

Right to education: idea and ideology

Economic policy in education

Adequate financing and education rights

National fiscal capacity to fund education

Education finance in perspective

Student loans and debt

Competition and student performance

Public choice and education

Educational privatization

Investment in human capital

Contract or charter schools

Comparative national tax structures

Efficient fiscal management

Optimal taxation for education

Education’s labor market effects

Consequences of government debt

Special education financing

Consequences of government austerity

Methods of education financing in OECD countries

Education accountability and student achievement

International education finance

Economic mobility and education

United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF

Politics of redistribution policy

United Nations Right to Education

Ideology of redistribution

Inequality of wealth and income

Social effects of education

Mixed economy and education funding

Race and redistribution

Economies of education

For-profit higher education

Public goods and education expenditures

Social choices affecting education

Child poverty and education funding in OECD countries

Political views of redistribution in OECD countries

Education as public and private goods

Legal systems affecting public education

Comparative distributional formulas

Taxation theory & practice

European Convention on Human Rights and Derogations from Financing

Measuring equity and adequacy of education financing

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