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Volume 43 No. 3, Winter 2018 (State of the States)


State of the States


The Good, the Bad, and the Alarming: Commentary on the 2017 State of the States Submissions


Brittany Larkin, Christine Kiracofe, and Spencer Weiler


Alabama – Philip Westbrook and Brenda Mendiola

Alaska – Amy Dagley

Arizona – David G. Martinez and Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos

Arkansas – Steve Bounds

California – Henry Tran

Colorado – Gabriel R. Serna and Spencer C. Weiler

Connecticut – Lesley A. DeNardis

Florida – Megan Lane, Jolande Morgan, and R. Craig Wood

Georgia – David G. Buckman and Tommy Jackson

Illinois – Christine Kiracofe

Indiana – Scott Rodger Sweetland

Kansas – Thomas A. DeLuca

Kentucky – Tyrone Bynoe

Louisiana – Arvin Johnson, Venice M. Adams, and David G. Buckman

Massachusetts – Tyrone Bynoe

Michigan – Brett A. Geier

Minnesota –  Nicola A. Alexander

Mississippi – Spencer D. Stone and Joshua A. Money

Nebraska – Barbara LaCost

Nevada – Deborah A. Verstegen, Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos, and David Martinez

New Hampshire – F. Frank Ayata and Jeremy M. Anderson

New Jersey – Luke J. Stedrak

New Mexico – David G. Martinez and Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos

New York – Osnat Zaken

North Carolina – Walter Hart, Jim R. Watson, and Lisa G. Driscoll

Ohio – Barbara M. De Luca, Krystel H. Chenault, and Randall S. Vesely

Oklahoma – Jeffrey Maiden and Channa Byerly

Oregon – Michael C. Petko

Pennsylvania – Jeremy Anderson and F. Frank Ayata

Tennessee – Lisa G. Driscoll and Betty Cox

Texas – Ken Helvey

Virginia – William Owings and Leslie S. Kaplan

West Virginia – Drew Milligan

Wisconsin – Michael C. Petko

Wyoming – Joshua M. Cohen


Volume 43 No. 2, Fall 20017


Does the Pay Stance of South Carolina Public School Districts Influence their Math and Science Achievement Scores?

Henry Tran           


The Price of High-Stakes Educational Testing: Estimating the Aggregate Costs of Florida’s FCAT Exam

Keith Jakee and Erin Keller   


Do State Funded Merit Scholarships for Higher Education Improve High School Graduation Rates?

Christopher C. Klein and Elizabeth A. Perry-Sizemore


Are High-Poverty School Districts Disproportionately Impacted by State Funding Cuts? School Finance Equity Following the Great Recession

David S. Knight                      


Understanding the Relationship between Equity and Efficiency: Towards a Concept of Funding Adequacy for Community Colleges

Tatiana Melguizo, Keith Witham, Kristen Fong, and W. Edward Chi


Volume 43 No. 1, Summer 2017


The Waning Impact of School Finance Litigation on Inequality in Per Student Revenue during the Adequacy Era

Dennis J. Condron   


Updated Estimates of the Average Financial Return on Master's Degree Programs in the United States

Denisa Gándara and Robert K. Toutkoushian    


State Fiscal Effort and Juvenile Incarceration Rates: Are We Misdirecting our Investment in Human Capital?

Jessica McGrath Ellison, William Owings, and Leslie S. Kaplan


Adequacy by Any Other Name: A Comparative Look at Educational Spending in the United States and the Republic of Korea

Nicola A. Alexander and Hyunjun Kim    


The Relationship Between Magnet Status and Neighborhood Home Values in Chicago

Chad Evans and Joel R. Malin      




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