OXFORD SYMPOSIUM ON university funding: government support, privatization and student debt


We are pleased to invite you to attend the Oxford meeting focusing on higher education, privatization, rising student debt and the disinvestment of government funding. 


You may present a paper, participate as panel member or as an observer.  If you would like to present a paper, you must submit a brief abstract for review.


Papers presented will be subsequently peer-reviewed by external readers for possible inclusion in the Journal of Education Finance or as contributions to other symposia books or reviews. 


keynote speakers

Teodora Boneva

Teodora  Bonvea is an Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford.  Her research fields are Applied Microeconomics and Labour Economics. Her research also relates to Behavioural and Experimental Economics. She investigates the role of beliefs in educational investment decisions and the role of educational interventions in fostering skills in childhood. 

Ken Mayhew


Ken Mayhew is Professor of Education and Economic Performance and Emeritus Fellow of Pembroke College, Oxford.


Ken obtained a First in Modern History at Worcester College, Oxford and took a Masters in Economics at LSE. After graduate school, he joined Her Majesty’s Treasury before moving to Oxford. In 1989 and 1990 he was Economic Director at the UK National Economic Development Office and has worked as a consultant for a number of private and public sector organisations at home and abroad. In the UK these include the Department of Education and Skills, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Confederation of British Industry. Abroad they include the EU, the Polish and Belgian Governments, SIK (Sweden) and Group Training Australia. He was on the Academic Advisory Board of the National Skills Taskforce and Chair of an expert group advising the OECD on the background questionnaire for PIAAC. His major research interests are in labour economics, human resource management and the economics of education and training. He has published widely in these areas. He is an editor of Oxford Economic Papers and of The Oxford Review of Economic Policy and is on the editorial board of the Oxford Review of Education.

Walter W. McMahon

Professor of Economics and Professor of Education Emeritus University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Professor McMahon is an economist engaged in research, writing, and consulting on education and development, education financing, and macroeconomic analysis. His primary fields are the Economics of Education and Macro Economic Theory (unemployment, inflation, and growth).

His latest books are Higher Learning, Greater Good: The Private and Social Benefits of Higher Education, Johns Hopkins University Press (2017,paperback edition), winner of the PROSE Award for the best book published in Education, Education and Development: Measuring the Social Benefits by Oxford University Press (2002, 2018 Revised Edition forthcoming) and Education and Development, an edited 4 volume reference work by by Routledge (2012).Routledge (2012).

Kern Alexander

Kern Alexander’s research interests include education finance and law. He has worked extensively as an expert in state school finance litigation. His work has been cited in law reviews, law journals, and appellate court decisions.


He is the Editor of the Journal of Education Finance, distributed by the University of Illinois Press, and MUSE Johns Hopkins University Press.


He is the author or co-author of over 30 books on education finance and law, including recently, The Law of Schools, Students, and Teachers, 6th Edition, West Academic Publishing, 2018, Higher Education Law: Policy and Perspectives, 2nd Edition  Routledge, 2017 and Financing Public Schools: Theory, Policy and Practice, Routledge, 2015.


John Maddicott

Past Symposium Speaker at The Oxford Symposium on History, Human Rights & Law

Dr John Maddicott 

Emeritus Fellow in Mediæval History Exeter College, Oxford University


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