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Volume 48, Number 3, Winter 2023

Community College Special Issue

Introduction to teh Special Edition on U.S. Public Community College Finance Issues and Challenges

Co-Editors F. King Alexander, Stephen G. Katsinas, and Nathaniel Bray


The Impact of Federal Funding on State Budget Priorities: Public Higher Education Operating Budgets and Medicaid

F. King Alexander, Stephen G. Katsinas, Noel Keeney, and Nathaniel Bray


Emerging from COVID-19: The 2022 Report of Finance and Access Issues

Nathaniel Bray, Garrett A. Till, Mark M. D'Amico, and Stephen G. Katsinas


Local Funding and Tuition and Fee Charges at U.S. Community Colleges

Noel Keeney, Stephen G. Katsinas, and Nathaniel Bray


Declining Pell Support at Comminty Colleges since the Great Recession

Stephen G. Katsinas, Noel Keeney, Nathaniel Bray, and Patrick J. Kelly


Realigning Federal and State Financing Policies for Community Colleges

Stephen G. Katsinas, Noel Keeney, Nathaniel Bray, F. King Alexander, and Garrett A. Till



Volume 48, Number 2, Fall 2022


Access and Importance of Pell Awards at Public Regional Historically Black Colleges and Universities: What Do the Data Say?

Alice L. Daugherty, Stephen G. Katsinas, and Noel Keeney


An Exploratory Analysis of Elementary and Secondary Education Funding Levels for American Indians and Alaska Natives from 1980 to 2017

Meredith McCoy and Jeffrey Burnette


The Return to Taxpayers from the New York State's Excelsior Scholarship: A Taxpayer Level Case Analysis

Kyongsei Sohn, Sandeep Singh, and John T. Gardner


Free Exercise Takes Center Stage: The Right to Court and the Right to Religion

Lenford C. Sutton, Alisa Bhattacharya, and Mary Ann Schloz


Commentary on Making Sense of Reform and Restructuring of Education

Sir Christopher Ball



Volume 48, Number 1, Summer 2022


Building Systems of Equity for All: The 2022 Presidential Welcome at the National Education Finance Academy's Annual Conference

Spencer Weiler


How States Prioritize Educational Needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Assessing the Distribution of the Governor's Emergency Educaiton Relief Fund

Clair McMorris and David S. Knight


Facilities Spending and Studnet Learning Outcomes in New Jersey

Alyssa Rush, Rafael Iona, and Soundaram Ramaswami


Evaluating Indicators of College and University Financial Insolvency: Application of Bankruptcy Criteria to Nonprofits

Mark LeClair


Applying Critical Resource Theory to an Intradistrict Equity Audit

Nicole Duplain, William Owings, and Leslie Kaplan


Race to the Top or Bottom? Globalization and Education Spending in China

Gang Guo

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