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​Volume 49, Number 2, Fall 2023


Can and Should, an Outcomes-Based Approach Be Used to Determin Funding for Special Education?

Chris Needham


Blind Optimism and Student Loan Debt

Thomas​ C. O'Malley and Brian C. Payne


Feast and Famine: Inequity in the Texas School Finance System

Toni Templeton, Bradley Selsberg, Mariam Abdelmalak, and Mariam Abelhamid


The Incidence of Financial aid: How Colleges Respond to Merit Scholarship Programs

Jilleah Welch


The Impact of Large Revenue Infusions on Teacher Salaries in High-Poverty Districts

Dylan Hawksworth-Lutzow and Heather Rose


The Runaway Train: Intercollegiate Athletics Spending, 2003-4 to 2021-22

Stephen G. Katsinas, F. King Alexander, Nathaniel J. Bray, and Noel E. Keeney


Volume 49, Number 1, Summer 2023


Effects of Responsibility Center Management (RCM) on Enrollment, Graduation, Financial Aid, and Retention: Examining Trends at Public Institutions

Emy Nelson Decker


The Effect of State Appropriations on College Graduation Rates of Diverse Students

Aaron Horn


Teacher Compensation in a Changing Labor Market: Evidence from Michigan 2005-2015

Danielle Sanderson Edwards and Kaitlin P. Anderson


Equity and Encroachment of Special Education Funding in North Carolina

Christopher Needham


Commentary: Student Loan Debt and America's New Economic Reality

F. King Alexander


Volume 48, Number 4, Spring 2023


Education Finance and the American Proposition

Willian E. Thro


How to Design a State Education Aid Formula Using a Regression-based Estimate of the Cost-capacity Gap: The Case of Connecticut, USA

Bo Zhao


Pulling Back the Curtain on School-level Expenditures: A Quantitative Examination of Budget Choices in New York City Public Schools

Lena M. Batt


How do School Districts Use State Aid for Capital Expenditures? The Case of Iowa

Phuong Nguyen-Hoang and Perter Damiano


The Impact of the Great Recession on Student Scores in Florida: Did School Ratings Matter?

Carol Dole and Andrew Ju


Allocating Recovery Funding: A Survey of School Districts on Federal Resources

Carlas McCauley


Volume 48, Number 3, Winter 2023

Community College Special Issue

Introduction to the Special Edition on U.S. Public Community College Finance Issues and Challenges

Co-Editors F. King Alexander, Stephen G. Katsinas, and Nathaniel Bray


The Impact of Federal Funding on State Budget Priorities: Public Higher Education Operating Budgets and Medicaid

F. King Alexander, Stephen G. Katsinas, Noel Keeney, and Nathaniel Bray


Emerging from COVID-19: The 2022 Report of Finance and Access Issues

Nathaniel Bray, Garrett A. Till, Mark M. D'Amico, and Stephen G. Katsinas


Local Funding and Tuition and Fee Charges at U.S. Community Colleges

Noel Keeney, Stephen G. Katsinas, and Nathaniel Bray


Declining Pell Support at Community Colleges since the Great Recession

Stephen G. Katsinas, Noel Keeney, Nathaniel Bray, and Patrick J. Kelly


Realigning Federal and State Financing Policies for Community Colleges

Stephen G. Katsinas, Noel Keeney, Nathaniel Bray, F. King Alexander, and Garrett A. Till



Volume 48, Number 2, Fall 2022


Access and Importance of Pell Awards at Public Regional Historically Black Colleges and Universities: What Do the Data Say?

Alice L. Daugherty, Stephen G. Katsinas, and Noel Keeney


An Exploratory Analysis of Elementary and Secondary Education Funding Levels for American Indians and Alaska Natives from 1980 to 2017

Meredith McCoy and Jeffrey Burnette


The Return to Taxpayers from the New York State's Excelsior Scholarship: A Taxpayer Level Case Analysis

Kyongsei Sohn, Sandeep Singh, and John T. Gardner


Free Exercise Takes Center Stage: The Right to Court and the Right to Religion

Lenford C. Sutton, Alisa Bhattacharya, and Mary Ann Schloz


Commentary on Making Sense of Reform and Restructuring of Education

Sir Christopher Ball


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