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Volume 47, Number 3, Winter 2022

Per Pupil and School Safety Spending: An Empirical Perspective

Michael Heise and Jason P. Nance


How Do Faculty Select between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Retirement Plans? A Qualitative Investigation

Robert Toutkoushian, Karley Riffe, Paula Sanford, and Erik Ness


The Effect of Ethnic and Racial Diversity on School Funding across the Urban-Rural Divide

Kattalina Berriochoa


School District Revenue and Student Poverty in California: A Decade through the Great Recession and School Finance Reform

Heather Rose


A Commentary on Critical Resource Theory: Increasing Resource Equity in Low-Income Schools and Beyond

William Owings, Leslie Kaplan, and Andrew Whitfield



Volume 47, Number 2, Fall 2021


Rethinking the U.S. Post-Secondary Education Model: The Relationship between Earning Career and Technical Industry Credentials and the Virginia Economy*

Anjanette Hendricks, William A. Owings, Steve Myran, Petros Katsioloudis, and Leslie S. Kaplan


How Hard-to-Staff Rural School Districts Use State Funds to Address Teacher Shortages

Henry Tran and Douglas A. Smith


Critical Policy Analysis

Tommy Jackson, Shanna E. Smith, and Matt Varga


Public Schools, Private Money: The Persistence of Inequality

Sarah Hill, D. Rodrick Kiewiet, and Shelly Arsneault


Teacher Compensation and Student Performance: Evidence from National Data on Districts' Finance and Standardized Test Scores

Eunice Han


*Winner of the 2021 NEFA Dissertation of the Year Award



Volume 47, Number 1, Summer 2021


Informing Federal School Finance Policy with Empirical Evidence

Bruce D. Baker, Mark Weber, and Ajay Srikanth


An Examination of the Relationship between Capital Outlay Inequities and Cost-Cutting General Funding Measures During the Great Recession

Jeffrey Maiden, H. Michael Crowson, and Tammie Reynolds


Understanding the External Social Benefits of Education in Ethiopia: A Contextual Analysis Using Young Lives

Ricardo Sabates, Yiran Vicky Zhao, Rafael Mitchell, and Sonia Ilie


Addressing the Gender Pay Gap: The Influence of Female and Male Dominant Disciplines on Gender Pay Equity

David G. Buckman and Tommy E. Jackson


Generating Stable University Funding Mechanisms: Income Contingent Loan Structure Choice within the Irish Education System

Charles Larkin and Shaen Corbet

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